Poker Rules

Poker is the most popular online card game. It generates the highest revenues for online gambling sites than any other game. The game has different versions which operate under similar conditions. Some popular poker versions include; Texas Holdem, Omaha (Hi/Lo) and Seven Card Stud (Hi/Lo). Of all these versions, Texas Holdem is the most popular in the largest online poker rooms. There are some less common poker versions like Let it Ride Poker, Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud.

The poker game involves betting rounds and card substitution. All the wagers are collected in a pot and the highest ranked hand wins the pot. The poker rules vary depending on the version being played. Aside from all poker variants, hundreds of other online casino games with lucrative online casino no deposit bonuses that daily attract thousands of new players. If you are interested in finding the best USA casinos, offers you a great way to entertain yourself from the comfort of your home.

The common action terms in poker games regardless of the version include: Ante, pot, cal, check and raise. Other terms include small blind, big blind, dealer button, community card, flop, turn, river and street. Before reading the short explanation of what poker terms mean, we would like to offer you another casino game available at the best online gambling sites. We are talking about slots. Click here to find out more helpful tips about them, and learn their essentials.

Below are brief definitions of the terms

1. Ante - is a blind bet you make before seeing your cards.
2. Pot- is where all bets are collected and is taken by the winner.
3. Call - is when your bet is matched by another player.
4. Check - is when you abstain from putting a bet letting the chance to go to another player.
5. Raise - is when another player makes a bet which is higher than yours.
6. Small blind - is a wager used to initiate betting in the pot.
7. Big blind - a wager made after small blind but before the game begins.
8. River - is the final round of dealing cards.
9. Flop - is the first round after initial hand.
10. Dealer button - is a small disc in front of a player. Rotates clockwise from one player to another.
11. Turn - second round of dealing card.
12. Street - the number of cards available to the player to form their hand at any round.
13. Community cards - cards which are used at the discretion of the players although they do not belong to any player. They are placed in the middle of the poker table.

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