Winning Odds of European Roulette

Unlike American roulette, European roulette only has one 0, which gives the players better odds. Since the odds are already in favor of the player, it's easier to increase the chances of winning with the European version. There are several ways for players to boost European roulette winning odds. Of course, using bonuses is a prime strategy that works great for winning at roulette. However, casino bonuses often fall under certain requirements in order to be entitled to players. Read the Luxury Casino free bonus terms to learn more about how to start your European roulette game with a promotional bonus offer.

The Wheel Makes a Difference

In European roulette, there are 37 slots on the wheel numbering 0-36. American roulette features two 0 slots, which gives the house an advantage of 5.26%. Because European roulette only has one 0 slot, the house advantage is a low 2.7%. Additionally, players that make even bets will still get half of the betting money back if the ball lands on the 0. This is called the "en prison" rule.

Before Betting

The main two reasons why European roulette is the preferred version of the game are the low odds, and the chance that players have of winning 35 time the original bet. While it's possible to strategize with roulette, it's impossible to predict the outcome. Before walking up to the table, gamblers should know how much money can be bet, and how much money can be lost before it's time to walk away.

Practicing European Roulette Online

It takes practice to develop a strategy that pays. Not everybody lives near Vegas, and most gamblers can't just put life on hold to learn about European Roulette. Fortunately, there are hundreds of online casinos that offer European roulette, among other versions of the game. Most online casinos feature a free play option, so players can learn the ropes of European roulette without losing a cent.

European roulette can leave players with big winnings, and this game is definitely worth learning to play. The roulette games were exciting. Just how exciting? Ask the players. They will tell you that the entertainment value is worth the membership cost at the casino. The nice thing is that you can even try the games for free. Check out an online casino to start building roulette strategy that works.
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